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crumpled paper therapy
I was nervous about start therapy, especially having my sessions via Skype, but wow, it has been the best decision I have made. I thought it may have been tough and uncomfortable to have my sessions via Skype, but Sasha made it so easy for me and I felt so comfortable talking to her. It feels as if she is sitting right in front of me. Over the time talking with Sasha, my mental and physical well-being has improved dramatically and I am so happy with everything she has and will continue to help me with.
Mind Full Works Therapy by Zoom or Skype
Individual Therapy
crumpled paper therapy
I talk about it often with anyone I can in the organisation as I think it is such a healthy process to engage in especially for individual and cultural change. (Talking about group clinical supervision)
Nurse Unit Manager - Midwifery
crumpled paper therapy

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