Individual Clinical Supervision

Mind Full Works clinical supervision therapy

Clinical supervision does not have to take place one-on-one. Having supervision with your team can have practical benefits in that you all get your supervision completed at once and you do it together. However, there are other benefits of working with each other around supervision. You may get to understand your colleagues better and even improve your clinical practice. 

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Sasha can provide flexible support tailored to your needs.  She already provides clinical supervision to teams and individuals working in health services.

This type of approach is also suitable for people working in health but who do not have professional requirements to have clinical supervision.

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Requirement to have supervision:

Different professions have different requirements for supervision. Here a some examples of supervision requirements for different professions and for mental health workers generally. You will see that supervision is a major part of practice requirements.

Different professions have different practice requirements.  You might consider the following when considering whether to seek supervision:

  • Are you required to have supervision by our professional code?
  • Would you benefit from opportunities to share knowledge and learn?
  • Would this ontribute to my professional development and life-long learning?

Do I find it hard to work in my team or do I have problems fulfilling my work to my best ability due to team dynamics

  • Do I experience stress, either due to my work or internal relationship issues?
  • Am I engaged in complex work practice?
  • Do I struggle to communicate with my team or in my work environment?
  • Could my workplace be better if I understood how to work with other people better?
  • Do I want to create a positive environment that fosters change?
  • Do I want to consider other ways of working, flexible working or am in a ‘change’ environment?
  • Do I want to be different in how I are get along and feel about my team or workplace?


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