Costs and payment

All payments are accepted by direct bank transfer.  Payment per session is in advance. 

For Sasha’s services:
  • Cost per session is $220

NB: You cannot use a GP Mental Health Care plan in part payment for Sasha’s services.

Payment mind full works therapy
For Chris’ services:
  • Cost per session is $230 (reduced via medicare rebate with a GP mental health care plan)
  • You can simply pay the fee yourself or;
  • You can claim a rebate through Medicare if you have a GP Mental Health Care Plan rebate or;
  • You may be able to receive treatment via Workcover if agreed by your GP or;
  • You may access treatment as part of your NDIS package

cash register mind full works therapy

We are aware that when you are in need payment and costs can be the last thing you want to consider.  Please feel free to talk to us about options for treatment and we will try to provide the best information for your circumstances.