Mind Full works is a small, personalised therapy service based in Fern Tree, near Hobart, Tasmania.  We are focused on providing a tailored service to each client that we work with and believe therapy is an investment in you and your future. 

We want to work with you but also want us to be the right service for you. We will discuss your needs and whether we can help you or suggest alternatives if we think that would support you better.  

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Working with you to create your mental wealth

At Mind Full Works we  work with you or your family member on the issues that are impacting yours and their life.

We will help you identify, work through, process and overcome the things that you want to change.

Therapy is THE treatment for nearly every mental health issue and we can guide you through the work while providing support and guidance around all the other aspects of looking after yourself.

You may feel like therapy hasn’t worked for you before – we would say you need to keep trying.

You may be new to therapy – give us a call and we’ll arrange to meet and discuss your needs.

We will keep you working in therapy – it’s not supposed to be easy but we will be there to work with you.

We will help you to overcome your past, understand your present and make your future better.

Our therapists have many years of experience and cover a wide range of specialties.

We can work with

  • People with a history of trauma
  • People who need EMDR therapy
  • Young people
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Anger issues
  • People with personality disorders
  • We can provide support to people with family members experiencing mental health issues
Whatever it takes

Clinical supervision and workplace support

The therapists at Mind Full Works have many years of experience working in government health services.

We can provide clinical supervision for nurses, social workers and other health professionals – this can be for individuals or groups.  

Split the cost of private supervision with a friend or colleague, pay for small group supervision or have someone facilitate your peer supervision.  

We can also provide support, mentoring and coaching for anyone having issues at work.  We specialise in difficult, stressful and downright unpleasant situations and can help guide you through those situations.  


We want you to know the costs of therapy upfront.  Each therapy session costs $195 and payment is required prior to each session.  We have tried to keep our price under what many therapists charge and if you have a mental health care plan or similar you may be eligible for rebates on the cost. Rebates are only available if you work with Chris. Rebates should reduce your gap fee to approximately $100 per session.  

Clinical supervision is charged at $230 per hour. For group supervisions there may be additional charges for preparation if needed.  

Therapy is a long term committment and we can talk with you about how to manage the costs most effectively.  

The therapists

We have been working in mental health for nearly 50 years between us!  We approach therapy in a personal and individual manner that we know works.  We avoid standard approaches and will use psychotherapy, skills building, somatic work, evidence based practices and cognitive and emotional techniques that match your needs at a particular time. 

 We both have extensive experience in working with trauma and its effects on the person and those around them.  We work in a trauma informed manner.  

Sasha can provide EMDR therapy and is EMDR Institute trained.

Where we are...you can access our services from anywhere!

We can work via Skype, Zoom or the telephone. 

And you can see us face-to-face.  We are based in Fern Tree in Hobart.  

Or if you like to change it up we can do a bit of both!

Call us

Contact us

We really believe in the power of therapy – if you think we can help give us a call on 0449 544473,  email us at mind-full-works@outlook.com or use the contact form below and we’ll get back to you just as soon as we can.  

Take care of yourself and we hope to see you soon.